Question - Are cows fed/injected with growth hormones, which pass through into their milk and meat?
Answer: NO. This practice is illegal in the UK.

Question - Are milking cows kept in small cubicles, in which they are not able to exercise?
Answer: NO. Our cows are housed in a large spacious shed and will always have space to roam, whatever the weather.

Question - Are all male calves born on dairy farms killed at birth?
Answer: NO. We never kill an animal needlessly. All our male calves are reared for beef or sold to other herds as breeding bulls. They live a good life and are not slaughtered until adulthood. When we do send animals for slaughter, they always go to our local slaughter house, to avoid undue amounts of travelling and stress for the animals and to keep food miles low.

Question -Can I get TB from drinking unpasteurised milk?
Answer: No one has caught TB from drinking licensed, unpasteurised milk for over half a century because the health tests are so strict now.

Question - Are there antibiotics in the milk?
Answer: NO, If an animal is ill we try very hard to treat her without antibiotics but if we have to use antibiotics there are very strict regimes in place to ensure that no antibiotics enter the food chain. This is known as withdrawal period and the milk is automatically separated to ensure that it does not contaminate the milk that we sell.